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Common Misconceptions About Blue Light Glasses

The decision to wear a pair of blue light glasses might come with some external opinions. But remember that your eye health is of the utmost importance.

Common Misconceptions About Blue Light Glasses
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As more people shift into a fully digital world, the concerns surrounding long-term eye damage are increasing. It’s no secret that staring at a screen of any kind for too long can create cause for concern, but there is a way to mitigate these effects. Investing in blue light glasses is effective and affordable, so let’s look at some of the misconceptions to help encourage healthy screen time behaviors.

“They Are Too Expensive”

Many people feel that investing in blue light glasses is costly and unnecessary. Without seeing the effects of too much screen time firsthand, it’s challenging to grasp how one could potentially benefit from them.

Luckily, a range of choices are available to consumers of all kinds, so they are accessible to anyone within any budget. And the investment in one pair of glasses is far more beneficial than having irreversible damage or long-term eye strain.

“The Glasses Don’t Actually Help You”

Another common misconception is that the glasses don’t actually help you and that it’s a marketing scam. But if you hold the frames up to natural and computer light, you can see the filtering system built into the lens and how it converts and tones the lighting. These lens filters aim to reduce and balance the blue light wavelengths that your eyes pick up.

“Your Everyday Lenses Will Do the Same Thing”

There is a significant difference between reading glasses and computer glasses. While the former aids in basic eyesight, the latter protects existing eyesight and prevents future eye damage.

Just because you have a lens over your eyes when wearing reading glasses does not mean it will help the effects of harmful blue light exposure. Don’t skip out on reading or everyday frames to invest in computer glasses. The two styles are for varying purposes, so you may want to consider both if your lifestyle requires it.

“They Only Work When Paired With a Computer”

Blue light glasses can benefit you even if you don’t use a computer full time. Blue light is a naturally occurring process in all light, including the sun, television screens, and mobile devices.

Consider having blue light frames to help your circadian rhythm remain intact and wearing the glasses up to two hours before bed to protect from any pre-bed screen time effects. Once you get used to wearing them, you can increase the duration that you wear them to improve your overall protection strategy.

Wrapping Up

With the misconceptions surrounding blue light glasses, it can be challenging to decide if investing in a pair is right for you. Remember that just because there are no visible signs of harm doesn’t mean the damage isn’t occurring. Whether you watch excessive amounts of television, scroll endlessly on your devices, or sit at a computer all day, everyone can benefit from a pair of these glasses.

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