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Relevance of Recreational Activities in Addiction Recovery as Identified by WhiteSands Addiction Rehab

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Addiction is a disorder that can affect the nature and behavior of a person. When an individual is addicted to alcohol or some illicit drugs, they develop new behaviors, develop new habits, and become someone unrecognizable. They may do something that they hated before or may end up hating activities and hobbies that they liked before. When an individual is trying to recover from addiction, these newly developed habits hinder and slow down the recovery process.

Many rehabs like WhiteSands have incorporated various treatment methods like intensive inpatient and outpatients treatments, Life Skill Training, Relapse prevention plans, therapy sessions, and Recovery and Wellness programs to increase the speed of the recovery process. And one of the most effective and much-needed components in their recovery process is recreational activities.

At WhiteSands, the faculty offers many recreational activities when the patient is not undergoing any treatment or therapy. Starting from the beautiful walking paths that lead to calming fountains and gazebos, to yoga and outdoor games like Basketball, the rehab at WhiteSands provides a multitude of options to make the most out of the free time. The recreational activities include volleyball, basketball, badminton, arts and crafts, swimming, yoga, watching movies, serene walking path, Ping-Pong, and more.

But if you are wondering how recreational activities can help in addiction recovery, you can go through this guide.

Alleviate boredom

An addicted person must have spent all their time, energy, and thoughts on acquiring or consuming the substance. So, when they suddenly stop using them, it is normal for the person with addicted behaviors to feel bored and empty. Clubs, sports activities, movie nights, and other outdoor activities will fill their time, keep them busy, and give chance to think of something else other than the substance.

Improves Physical and mental health

Addiction is a serious issue that can harm both your physical and mental health. When a person is addicted they do not bother about their appearance and they neglect their health. Recreational activities including outdoor games, sports activities, arts, and a relaxing gazebo will help in improving both physical and mental health.

Helps in finding and developing new hobbies and interests

One of the biggest benefits of recreational activities is that they enable the patient to find their interests and develop new skills and hobbies. During the period of addiction, it is natural for the patient to neglect their interests and hobbies. During this period they must have transformed into a new person and must have lost themselves.

With the various recreational activities, the patients are provided an opportunity to develop new interests and hobbies and find themselves once again.

Build relationships

We might have heard various stories of how substance abuse and alcohol consumption have destroyed families and how it hurts relationships. With recreational activities, patients will be mingling with others and will learn to build positive relationships. The club and group activities, and group therapies will enable them to value relationships.

Post-treatment benefits

One of the benefits of recreational activities is that they will keep the patient engaged and occupied. During their time in a recovery program, the person with addiction behaviors will be following a certain routine. They will be busy with therapy sessions, inpatient and outpatient treatment programs, counseling, and more. But suddenly when they come back, they may not know what they want to do or how to fill out their time.

Recreational activities can divert their mind, keep them occupied, and help them develop new hobbies once they become sober. It also provides an opportunity to focus on something and channel their time and energy.

Thus, recreational activities will keep them busy, and help them create new hobbies and healthy habits, which will help them to lead a healthy, happy, and sober life ahead.

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