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Is It Lucky Girl Syndrome Or Just Privilege?

If you’ve been on TikTok recently, you might have seen the videos all about ‘Lucky Girl Syndrome’. Certain lucky girl TikTokers are raving about how they get amazing opportunities just from “expecting great things” to happen. Much like manifestation and subliminals, lucky girl syndrome is yet another pseudoscience trend to go viral. But does the lucky girl technique work for everyone?

It’s no secret that ‘lucky girl’ is the latest TikTok buzzword. TikTok videos tagged with #LuckyGirlSyndrome have been watched a collective 149.6 million times. Essentially, lucky girl syndrome is the belief that affirmative mantras and a positive mindset will make things go your way. Followers of the trend are encouraged to repeat phrases like “I am so lucky; everything works out for me” and wholeheartedly believe that things will be great for them without them having to do anything.

The lucky girl trend really began making the rounds on TikTok after user Laura Galebe  (@lauragalebe) posted a video describing herself as “one of the luckiest people [she] knows”. According to her, solely believing that great things will happen to her made her life drastically change. Whilst she acknowledges that it is slightly ‘delusional’, she says that being overly confident about luck is key to being successful. After seeing Laura’s success, many others put her method to the test and got some amazing results. Those who have been successful have boasted about buying their first house, winning sports bets, or getting a promotion at work.

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