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The World’s First Free Water Company Is Happening – But How Will It Work?

This incredible idea could make bottled water free.

Credit: Ivan Kruk / Shutterstock

This could change the future of how we spend our money.

How does it work?

The company ( on Instagram) is taking the internet by storm. They’re committed to providing bottled water free of charge. The concept sparks many questions, but their answers may be more straightforward than you’d think.

The water pays for itself – similar to YouTube. Thanks to advertisements practically covering the bottle’s packaging, the cost of their water is always covered too. Online platforms like TikTok and Instagram make spreading the word easy, explaining why they find so many willing advertisers to market themselves on the bottle.

Though the company is only manually handing out water at local events, for now, the rate their social media follower count is growing means you may see a lot more of them soon.

Credit: Freewaterio / Twitter

What’s the catch?

Of course, there are limits. The company claims people will be granted up to 3 bottles a person of water per day. A water limit saves the risk of people taking advantage of the company and stealing the opportunity of free water from others.

The company is also environmentally friendly, using aluminum bottles and avoiding plastic. The process is eco-friendly and has BPA-free packaging too. This free water company claims to donate 10 cents per bottle to a charity building water wells for those in need.

The free water company is currently only sourcing from one river local to them in Austin, Texas. Though for a small business, this might work, their talks of going global mean this is currently restrictive. Fans of the project are begging for them to branch out, and at the moment, it can seem like a big dream but with fewer resources.

This free water company has even ordered 25 Tesla self-driving trucks in the hopes of delivering their water to your doorstep. Delivery would be free, of course, due to advertisements planned to use on each truck.

Credit: FreeWater / YouTube

The future looks fresh

In discussion with the brand, they explain that their vision for their future / next endeavor is free vending machines. They mention they’ll be launching a Kickstarter in early September to fund this and also note that free vending machines would provide a glimpse into the brand’s free-of-charge future.

“FreeWater is just the first product of our future free supermarkets”


Their motivation stems from them believing free water is a human right. The brand explains that with 10 cents per bottle (paid for by advertisements) being donated to a charity combatting water shortage, 10% of Americans drinking their product would solve the global water shortage permanently. The math equates to water wells/systems built for nearly 800,000,000 people in need. Hugely ambitious? Yes, but the brand is driven, and its followers seem equally invested.

The utopian project could help humans all around the globe and even save lives, but is it too good to be true?

Interested in reading more? Click here to read about the new invention that turns seawater into safe drinking water. 

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