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How Does an Energy Audit Benefit Your Company?

Commercial property owners should know how to use the available energy for maximum gain.

Energy Audit by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0

Commercial property owners should know how to use the available energy for maximum gain. A retail energy audit is helpful to verify the status of the business. It would be an advantage if you could see where your money goes and what it can do better in providing services that are useful to your business or organization. You will find out everything from which appliances use most of your power, whether they need repair, replacement or maintenance, etc. Also, you may want to hire someone who specializes in this area to help with any problems such as heating, cooling, lighting, water usage, insulation and other areas related to indoor comfort issues.

The auditor may also recommend ways on reducing expenses while improving efficiency. For example, energy consultants and experts from Utility Bidder suggest tuning up heating systems, turning lights off when not needed or at least dimming, and sealing windows adequately so air conditioning units don’t overwork themselves. There should be proper airflow through vents and ducts. 

There are several reasons why hiring an energy auditor makes sense for businesses like yours. One reason is that it allows you to save some serious cash! If you get a professional audit done regularly, then you’ll discover all sorts of things that you never knew were going on before. You’ll learn about potential savings and improvements you’ve been overlooking but didn’t even realize existed. Another good thing is that by getting an audit performed, you’re bound to uncover some things you might enjoy doing yourself. This way, you don’t feel guilty spending time on something you care about – saving money.

Energy Audits Reduce Energy Costs

Energy is one of the highest costs of running a business. The cost of energy has been increasing consistently over the last two decades. Pressure for energy efficiency and reduction of pollution has intensified around the world. This is where an energy survey can be helpful. An audit is designed to measure the amount of energy being used per square foot. Usually, auditors only focus on measuring heat loss and gains. However, more complex audits take light levels, ventilation rates, humidity levels, and many other factors. These measurements allow the auditor to recommend reducing overall consumption, improving performance, and increasing sustainability. The result is lower utility bills and less risk of costly repairs down the road.

In addition to these benefits, there are numerous opportunities to improve based on information gathered during an audit. For instance, if you notice that specific equipment isn’t working efficiently, it’s possible that the manufacturer hasn’t updated its specifications to reflect current trends. In this case, it might be beneficial to contact them directly and ask for new guidelines that meet today’s standards. Many manufacturers offer rebates for making changes to existing products. As long as you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer, you won’t need to pay anything extra for modifications. Moreover, participating in research projects sponsored by various government agencies offers another opportunity to implement changes without spending additional funds.

With these possibilities in mind, it becomes clear that conducting a free energy survey gives you plenty of options for improvement. And once again, having access to accurate data enables you to make informed decisions regarding future investment plans.

Overall Operational Overhead is also Reduced

Business energy audits should be an essential part of business practices. They help ensure your company operates efficiently and effectively, which translates to reduced overhead and higher profits.

Most companies will find out they use too much electricity, water, gas, etc., right after an audit. With a comprehensive approach, you could potentially identify dozens of places throughout your facility where you aren’t using enough resources. You can cut back significantly on wasted energy by implementing simple fixes such as installing occupancy sensors, turning off unused computers/appliances, or changing thermostat settings. 

A few minor adjustments can go a very long way in conserving natural resources and lowering operational costs. Furthermore, with the increased awareness surrounding climate change, environmental responsibility is becoming increasingly crucial to consumers and corporate leaders alike. Demonstrating how well you are managing our environment is essential for any organization looking to attract top talent and develop strong customer relationships.

Utilizing Data Collected From Auditing Processes Provides Opportunities To Make Improvements Throughout Entire Organization 

As mentioned above, every aspect of your operation needs to be evaluated during a thorough commercial energy audit. Even though the project’s primary goal is to determine whether or not your facilities consume excessive amounts of fuel, lighting, electrical power, etc., most professionals performing the assessment also include some testing related to heating, cooling, and ventilation.


Hopefully, by now, you have understood why it makes sense to conduct a comprehensive commercial energy audit at least annually. The process itself shouldn’t take more than two days, but depending on the results, it may require weeks or even months before all issues are resolved. If you’re considering undertaking a commercial energy audit yourself, we suggest contacting one of our experienced team members first, so you’ll know that everything goes smoothly. 

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